Penguin. Club of the fans of winter archaeology

This part of our site is devoted to the winter archaeology. When we were students, we supposed that it is very difficult to excavate something in the Urals even in August. However, the last time, because of the necessity to investigate archaeological sites which must be destroyed by the work of builders, the duration of our field seasons began gradually increase, and now we work practically during the whole year. This site has been created to help our colleagues to overcome a barrier before the difficulties of these works, and to show the possibilities of their realization. On the face of it, there are not so many technical problems. The main problem is inside us. However, there are some peculiarities. Therefore, this club pursues the object to acquaint the colleagues with our useful advices and to give a chance to share your experience with other archaeologists. So, if you have such an experience join us!

The main principle: the winter excavation has its sense in a case only if an archaeological site must be destroyed.
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